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January 2000 to December 2000

Following are the contents of some of our recent issues. Feel free to read the feature article of that issue by clicking on the red titles. If the articles pique your interest, and you'd like to see more, please contact us for a subscription or sample copy. We can also help with serious research. See also our Current Issue page.

#176, January 2000
TNCs Sail On -- WTO or Not: the story of Cargill's salt venture in Venezuela

# 177, February 2000
A Meal of Potatoes: public sector research outpaces biotech in solving problems

#178, March 2000
Standards and Hidden Agendas: Brewster explains the Canadian Organic Advisory Board and the voluntary standards process for biotech

#179, April 2000
A Common Script: the sham of public consultation, analysis of federal government's strategy to push biotech

#180, May 2000
Codex: Adapting to Survive: Brewster reports on the Codex Committee on Food Labelling and the politics of standardization

#181, June 2000
Political Economies: Lead article.

#182, July 2000
Creative Pest Control: Lead article by Florianne Koechlin.

#183, September 2000
New 'Lease on Life' for Patents by Brewster Kneen

#184, October 2000
Bird-Watching Cargill by Brewster Kneen - Cargill redesigns itself

#185, November 2000
Population: From Threat to Market Opportunity, by BK -- how the threat of a growing population has been constructed to bolster the biotech industry

#186, December 2000
"GMO's are Dead" " -- or so say many in the finance world. An update on how the biotech companies are trying to survive and stay in control