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January 2004 to December 2004

Following are the contents of some of our recent issues. Feel free to read the feature article of that issue by clicking on the red titles. If the articles pique your interest, and you'd like to see more, please contact us for a subscription or sample copy. We can also help with serious research. See also our Current Issue page.

#226: December 2004 TOC
Upstream Ethics: Brewster outlines our basic position on biotechnology

#225: November 2004
Planting trees for peace: : Kenyan Wangari Mathai wins the Nobel prize

#224: September 2004
Open-Pollinated Corn: an article by Susan Hundertmark on the positive experience of an Ontario farmer with open-pollinated corn

#223: August 2004
Safe Food? We look at the degradation of Hallowe'en into a commercial event as a sign of changes in the food system

#222: July 2004
A Personal Note: Brewster and Cathleen celebrate 40 years of marriage and
common work

#221: June 2004
Court Confusion: Brewster analyses the Supreme Court decision in the Monsanto-Schmeiser case

#220: April/May 2004
Privatisation and the Public Domain: Brewster reflects on the shrinking
public domain and announces an initiative to address it.
Avian Flu: Cathleen suspects that industrialization of the poultry industry
is at the root of the problem.

#219: March 2004
The Cargill Serial/Cereal episode# lost track

#218: February 2004
Argentina: the last Roundup - how Roundup Ready soy is destroying Argentina's
  agriculture, ecology, and economy

#217: December 2003/January 2004
    Part 1: Parmalat  - one of the biggest corporate scandals in history
    Part 2: Ignacio Chapela denied tenure
    Part 3: cosy relationship between UC David and seed industry,
        AgCanada and Monsanto