Table of Contents
January 2006 to December 2006

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#242: December 2006 TOC
To Ottawa, with Skepticism
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network - national group is working on a Ban Terminator campaign and seed regulation changes
Ideology Trumps Business Sense - how else to explain the Harper government's moves to destroy the wheat marketing system?
        - Act One: Neuter the Canadian Grain Commission
        - Act Two, Scene One: Destroy the Canadian Wheat Board
        - Act Two, Scene Two: 'Modernize' (that is, water down) Seed Regulations
        - Act Two, Scene Three: Manipulate Wheat Board Election of Directors
        - Act Two, Scene Four: Fire Respected Executive
        Act Three remains to be written.
Seeds Are Big Business
Coming and Going: a snapshot of Cargill's operations
Numbers: compare deaths from H5N1 bird flu and the invasion of Iraq
Pepsi in India
Fairtrade Nestle

#241: September 2006 TOC
Changes (including address) - why the Kneens are moving to Ottawa
Reflections on Networking - Cathleen on the BC Food Systems Network
Biotech Chickens Come Home to Roost - Sadly, as predicted, biotech is causing a myriad of problems:

  • Rice: don't look, find anyway - GE rice is discovered although it is not supposed to be there
  • Golf Course Grass: assess and then approve - creeping bentgrass is the first perennial GE crop
  • Cassava: projects fail, hype stays strong
  • Gates and Rockefeller to Save Africa - imposing the Green Revolution again
  • Foodstuffs: Milk - growing demand for organic dairy products
  • Spinach - E coli is spread by centralized distribution systems

Organic communion - why didn't we think of that sooner?
Cuba's health care system - same results as the USA at a fraction of the cost
Tactics of Subversion ... and Control - Monsanto uses new tactics in South Africa, buys up more seed companies
Meaningless Choice - hundreds of varieties of wheat, canola
Obscenities - tidbits from the corporate food system
Change of Address effective October 14th


#240: August 2006 TOC
Ideological Individualism: "Choice" - Brewster dissects the call for an end to the Canadian Wheat Board
A bleak future for Canadian farmers - new program spends $550 million, doesn't help farmers
Fuel - or Food? - subsidies again
Ethanol is No Answer - biofuels cost more than they give, any way you look at it
Book Review: The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan is worth reading
Pesticides & BT Cotton in China - pesticide use as increased with the biotech crops
Good News: Taro Patents Revoked in Hawai'i, No to GE Sorghum in South Africa
Our Mirror Reveals More than the Present: a statement from traditional Indigenous Doctors to the government of Ecuador
Food Not Bombs activity banned - several US cities get nervous as homeless are fed in public parks
Corporate Press 'Freedom' - AP's copyright statement leaves no room for sharing a newspaper
Back Issues of The Ram's Horn Wanted
by the Wisconsin Historical Society
Bridging Borders Towards Food Security Conference to be held in Vancouver, October 7-11 2006

#239: June 2006 TOC
Moving Forward - recognizing Western science as a cultural artefact
Drive or Eat? - Ethanol from food crops is a bad idea
Ag Policy for Whom? - Canada's new Minister of Agriculture is committed to 'technological innovation'
Allergic to Peanuts - Concern as peanut products infiltrate more of the food system
Gene Flow Confirmed - Pollen from a common turf grass can travel at least 13 miles
Stalled by Liability - Farmers growing GM in Germany are liable for contamination
Hawai'i: Papaya and Taro - Local people oppose GM taro on cultural as well as environmental grounds
Super-sized Cassava - US researchers have developed GM cassava ...
Non-GMO alternative - while Brazilian researchers have done the same without GM
"African Biofortified Sorghum" - is being developed with money from the Gates Foundation
Codex Alimentarius - Again - Although 40 countries have mandatory labelling of GM, the US has succeeded in blocking consensus at Codex fertilizer is hyped as the way to solve Africa's woes

#238: May 2006 TOC
Imported "Solutions" - fertilizer is hyped as the way to solve Africa's woes
Fuel or Food? - ADM and Cargill weigh in on biodiesel
Trains not Cars - Sweden fuels trains with methane
Lies, Perfidy and Whitewash - Monsanto tries to fix its image
No genetic engineering required - US scientists locate allergens in soy
Sour Soy Miracle - Brazilian farmers protest low prices
GE Alfalfa - USDA challenged in court
GE Assesment in the EU - claim that risk assessments are flawed
Registered GE Holsteins?
Traditional Livelihoods - realizing that African pastoralists are efficient
Outsourced Drug Trials - Indians used as guinea pigs
Polish GE seed ban - passed into law
Hot Revolving Door - USDA, seed trade, and Big Pharma
Children of the Sun - book review
Five characteristics of a profitable farmer, or, how to get rid of your neighbours

#237: March/April 2006 TOC
A Genuine Balance Sheet - Brewster looks at the promises and costs of biotech
Food democracy and Food sovereignty - how to tell the difference
Water fountains and bottled water - public access is disappearing
Pouring resources down the drain - the inefficiencies of bottling water
The Power of the People - the moratorium on Terminator Technology is upheld
"Promise" and "Noblesse Oblige" - some direct industry quotes
Suckling Pigs - later weaning is better for everyone
Recolonizing India - the India-US Knowledge Initiative raises fears
"Underwear risks" - Zenical helps lose weight but has nasty side-effects
Argentina /Monsanto - Monsanto tries to get the country to pay for
its RR products
Growth in organic food - organic production is up, major corporations are taking market share
Black market milk - the "right" to export - a US company is planning to sue Canada over supply management
Cargill Profile - a change in advertising for the corporation
US-AID - former Eli Lilly exec is hired
Corporate largesse - Syngenta donates to rural food banks

#236: February 2006 TOC
Corporate Welfare and the Public
Bechtel vs Bolivia - people finally get control of their water
Cargill Profile -
Collective Marketing the Only Way - despite Cargill and cronies' attack on the Wheat Board
Plummeting Farm Income - "not so much falls, as plummets"
Sad little onions - farmers compensated for crop damage by Roundup spray drift
Stalled by liability - GE planting unlikely as farmers are liable
ISAAA - a front group for biotech propaganda
Ethics in Action - Maine seed company refuses to stock Monsanto/Seminis products
Deceit .. and Cynicism - Monsanto's 'reduced prices' and 'charity' in Africa
A Sea Change at Guelph - ecological advocate is appointed as head of Plant Agriculture

#235: January 2006 TOC
Energy and Oil Palms: an analysis of the "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil"
Destruction of GM crops was justified - French court recognizes "clear and present danger" of GM
Contaminated Charity - Monsanto gives hybrid corn to the poor
Tadpoles beware - Roundup kills tadpoles as well as frogs
The Gospel according to CropLife - an example of the mentality of the agrotoxin industry
The Cargill File - update on Cargill activities (see The Cargill Profile page under Resources)
More than you really wanted to know - About the Farm Crisis, a new publication from the National Farmers Union
More than you really wanted to know - About Oligopoly, a new publication from ETC Group
The Costs of Consolidation - in the retail sector
Looking after your health, sort of - Kellogg will use low-linoleic acid GM soybeans to eliminate trans-fats; Pepsi  and McCain's are growing and selling potatoes in China