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January 2007 to November 2007

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#251: November 2007 TOC pdf
Home on the Range: Brewster looks at the woes of cattle ranchers, with a story from Paul Beingessner
Of course, why didn't we think of that before? - a technological 'solution' for beef farmers
Workers Win Damages Against Pesticide Company - Nicaraguan farmworkers win a suit against Dow Food
Non-GM Premium Prices - soy, canola, and lamb
So why are farmers growing more GM crops? - farmer Colleen Ross explains the pressure to keep up appearances
Collusion - BASF sets the rules for field trials in the UK
The Editorial Process - Writing an article on good fats and bad fats
Chicken Soup ... - announcement of hens manipulated to produce pharmaceutical eggs
... With Rice - and announcement of GE rice to 'grow' pharmaceuticals
The "Tortilla Crisis" - the effects of subsidized corn production for ethanol on food prices
US Farm Subsidies for Mega-Corps - cotton supports go to Cargill
Classifying 'Consumers' - Nestle reveals its target demographics
Just in time for Holiday Giving! - Devlin Kuyek's new book, Good Crop/Bad Crop: Seed Politics and the Future of Food in Canada is a great read and available, hot off the press, from The Ram's Horn

#250: October 2007 TOC pdf
Bingo! - Cathleen reports on the food security assembly in Newfoundland
R.I.P. Prairie Agriculture Co-Ops - latest merger clearly ends the farmer-led vision
Minister Supports Organics - Saskatchewan government looks favourably on organics
Persistent Bacterium - new research shows bacterium can transfer into other genomes
"We have no clue..." - Dow spokesperson is unusually candid
Energy and Synthetic Fuels - relating energy policy to other policy areas:
    * Synthetic fuels from slaughterhouse waste
    * Agrofuels not climate-friendly
    * A way to sell more
    * Rising food prices, inflation
Cargill update: (see also Cargill Profile under Resources)
    * Record 'earnings' - revenues for the last fiscal year were $88.3 billion
    * Kitchen Solutions (egg and breakfast products division)
    * Biodegradable packaging - an agreement with Teijin (Japan)
    * Cargill Canada - the grain trade
Healthy information policy - Sweden gives out information to public!
Roundup Ready diplomat - US ambassador pushes Afghanistan to spray poppies
What does 'Natural' mean? - we look at ice cream and what it's made of, including fish genes
    * Technical Background from ISIS

#249: September 2007 TOC pdf
Complexity and Diversity are the Rules of the Game: Brewster challenges biotech's Central Dogma, 'one gene, one protein'
GE Insects Opposed in Southern British Columbia: tree fruit growers challenge new rules for importing GE insects
Raising the Steaks: packing plant woes
Good Ol' Mountain Dew Revisited: ethanol plants and selling the spent grains
Cattle Industry Dying From Ethanol Poisoning: Paul Beingessner looks at the sad state of the cattle industry in Canada
Eggs Are Seasonal, Too: Joel Salatin meets a creative chef
Food Aid: CARE opts out of lucractive aid scheme
Water, Cargill, and Corn: biodegradable bottles are still no better than tap water
Monsanto loses, for once: US court refuses to ban advertising of rBGH-free dairy
Lobbying for Agrotoxins and Biotech: a look at CropLife

#248: July 2007 TOC pdf
Railways for Whom?: -- who controls the agenda of the country's major grain transportation?
Organic farming could feed the world -- new research supports small scale organic
    Pesticides reduce fertility: information from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
    Is organic food healthier?: research shows higher levels of anti-oxidants
    Win some, lose some: Britain's largest retailer moves to reduce trucking - and cuts Prince Charles off the supplier list
Control of Livestock Genetics -- excerpt from a publication on centralized control of livestock production
Peruvian Region Says No to GM Potatoes -- in an effort to save the centre of origin for this crop
Banana Wars -- a book review
A NAFTA Precedent -- it's not food, but Canada Post win against UPS is a precedent
Improved Food Safety in Sub-Saharan Africa -- new research results on combatting aflatoxin

#247: June 2007 TOC pdf
Extreme Capitalism: moving from covering sheep issues to the issues of monocultures and equity investment
More than cotton fabrics: genetic manipulation of cottonseed
Corporate power: Agrofuels and the Expansion of Agribusiness - excerpts from a new article from GRAIN
Coke, Cargill, and Bottled Water: a series of items
Websites: recommended, the Bioscience Resource Project; request for suggestions for The Ram's Horn site
Brazil's Landless Break Up with Lula: the MST, Brazilian Movement of Landless Rural Workers, launches a strong critique of the President
Judge Bans Bayer's Transgenic Corn: Judicial disapproval in Brazil
Rigged Vote and Magic Sticks: Canada's Agriculture Minister's manipulation of due process
Big Meat: the game of leveraging and mergers and acquisitions in the global meat business
US needs its illegal migrant workers: how the rich get richer, again.

#246: April/May 2007 TOC
The Tyranny of Economic Growth: Brewster says bio-fuels are neither necessary nor helpful; we need to reduce consumption
Insecurity in the Global Food System: the perils of melamine in
gluten, congestion in seaports may hamper global distribution systems
Railway abandonments continue and service declines: in western Canada
Canada lowers standards on agro-toxins to match US: all in the name of increased food quality, of course
GE Alfalfa: Banned in US, Approved in Canada
Balancing Demands: the industry looks at wildlife versus economic
growth, guess who wins
Prairie Cooperatives: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and Agricore United
Good News from Brazil: silent attendance by critics at decision panel affects the decisions
Seeds Need to Stay Close to Home: the Fantons are re-localizing the Seed Savers network in Australia
Stopping Short: discussion of the just-in-time system
Where your food dollar goes: update on Cargill's annual profits

#245: March 2007 TOC
Thinking About Food Sovereignty - Cathleen attends the world forum in West Africa
On Subsistence - Maria Mies and Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, that contempt for women is central to the modern economy
Bird Flu: A Bonanza for 'Big Chicken' - GRAIN reports how the
industry is using the flu scare to consolidate its hold
Organic vs. Air Miles - arguments about efficiency lead to local and organic
Kenya: Coming Up Roses? - will buying local hurt people in the
developing countries?
Oil News - biggest consumers? ethanol and the Pentagon
Where does the farmers' money go? - a goodly chunk to the CEO of Agricore
Cargill Mill Occupied by Brazil Women - the Landless Rural Workers Movement took over a Cargill facility to protest the distortion of their economy by ethanol; their action is supported around the world on International Women's Day
Chiquita's drug habit - evidence of payoffs to Colombia paramilitary organization
One banana at a time - a new marketing strategy for Chiquita
Monsanto Anti-Farmers Patents - Public Patent Foundation has
succeeded in overturning one of Monsanto's Roundup Ready patents
The confused ideology of neoliberalism - The American Corn Growers Association comes out against Monsanto
Alfalfa : contaminate first - Monsanto seeks approval to spread its
GE alfalfa while it waits for USDA approval
What's a grocery store for? - there's a lot more in a big box than
food (or easy profits)

#244: February 2007 TOC
More ways than one: we examine the case for a diversity of business models
National market share of food sales, 2005 (table)
Not just food and drink: Van Houtte coffee company is looking to break itself up despite profitablity
Cargill: Performing its patriotic duty -- producing ethanol
         Trans-fat free fats -- which are genetically engineered
Big Finance and Bad Ideas: Miguel Altieri and Eric Holt-Gimenez critique the $500 million University of California program on biofuels
Milk without Hormones: Posilac-free milk marketed as 'organic light'
More than just seeds: theological commentary from "Life-giving Agriculture" conference
"Mother-Baby" beats GMOs: researcher-farmer partnership has developed stress-tolerant maize
CWB ... the latest dirt: government appoints CWB Board president but he hasn't been paid yet
Creaming Off the Crop: West African farmers critique Bt cotton

#243: January 2007 TOC
Risks Underestimated -- Brewster looks at what is not know and may not be able to be known about GE
Seed Sector Regulation -- deadline for public input extended -- analysis of the issues
The Gospel According to James -- that's Clive James of the ISAAA
Who Benefits from GM Crops -- including an expose of the ISAAA
GM Crops and Labour Saving -- a new study suggests why farmers use GMOs when there is no apparent advantage
Why Precaution Makes Sense -- new facts explain why human guinea pigs almost died
Biofuels, Energy, and the Madness of Economic Growth
Fresh is Best -- keeping broccoli green
Pepsi's Health Food -- and how Whole Foods works