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January 2009 to September 2009

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#268: October-November 2009 TOC pdf 
Climate Leadership? - PM Harper seems determined to do nothing to address the world's greatest crisis
More pork, more contradictions - The pork producers' aid program is not likely to help much
Three Sisters and Friends - Henry Lickers draws out lessons from traditional Indigenous agriculture
Half-Baked Potato Turned Back - South Africa has rejected GM potatoes, citing inadequate testing
The Meaning of Monoculture - McDonald's governs the varieties commercial potato farmers must grow
Dealing with distancing and energy - A grain CSA is shipping in sailboats across Kootenay Lake in BC
In other shipping news - US soy is turned away from European ports on reports of GM contamination
Maui bans GE Taro - Citing the cultural importance of taro, Maui rejects GE
Big Meat - More mergers, this time JBS SA (Brazil) taking over US Pilgrim's Pride
Meat Safety from Apples - A new edible film is claimed to stop pathogenic bacteria on meat surfaces
India suspends approval of GE brinjal - A GM brinjal (eggplant) has been delayed
Electronic vs. paper - Subscribers can choose either (or both) versions of the Ram's Horn.
Students Wanted - by the organic agriculture curriculum at the University of Guelph
Lobbying - Immense spending by pharmaceutical industry

#267: September 2009 TOC pdf 
The Tyranny of Rights: introducing Brewster's new book
Roundup Kills -- weeds, and much more: new research shows that the so-called inert ingredients in Roundup are even more harmful than the glyphosate
    Publish and ... :Argentinian scientist is viciously attacked for exposing effects of glyphosate spray on people
    More and more: more soy, more glyphosate
    Carry On Regardless: Dow and Monsanto continue to get approval of their new GE crops
Smarter Than They Look: apparently lambs can self-medicate
"Mother Nature Is A Bad Person": according to persistent organic deniers Denis and Alex Avery
    Review of interesting work by The Nature Institute on the Goethean approach to science: much more respectful!
Spreading Triffid: 8 years ago we reported Alan McHughen's flamboyantly self-serving release of GE flax; now Canadian farmers stand to lose their most inportant markets
Cargill: information webs; bioplastics; attitude to organic and sustainable agriculture
Tapping into Bottled Water: more on Nestle's attempts to brand bottles as sustainable
Get Rich Quick: 35% return promised on investment in agricultural land.

#266: August 2009 TOC sites/ramshorn.ca/files/rh-266%20web.pdfpdf 
Not Quite the Whole Hog: analysis of the Government's bail-out of the failing hog industry
Look But Don't Touch: Scientific American calls for open research on patented varieties
Fighting Food Terror: Kerala (India) State Ag. Minister calls for defense against 'greedy corporates'
and Supporting Organics: Brazilian Ministry of Ag booklet critiquing GM is distributed by civil society
We indulge in Schadenfreude: as Nestle's bottled water business declines
Making Promises Sound Like Facts: Washington University teams up with Gates foundation to save Africa again
Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella Recall: Cargill subsidiary BPI has to recall beef due to salmonella, also faces animal-handling charges
Consumers lose trust: IBM survey reports US consumers do not trust food companies
New GM Corn Not Tested: Globe & Mail report on "SmartStax" from Monsanto/Dow
Monsanto Business Plan: Keep Roundup prices high despite market share loss, look to GM seeds as profit centre
Cokecolonization: Coke doubles investment in China, its third-largest market
Colonization by Monsanto: teaching Indian farmers how to go into debt
Myth of Enhanced Yields: New study shows Bt Cotton performs poorly in India; company blames bad weather
No Yields: Colombian cotton growers face huge crop losses, want to sue Monsanto
Fake Real Food or Real Fake Food: analysis of Hellman's "Eat Real Local"
website and campaign
Improvements?: Monsanto and Dole are working on 'improving' vegetable varieties

#265: June 2009 TOC pdf 
Prison Farms: Corrections Canada is determined to close six prison farms which provide training and fresh food to the prisoners
Ontario Organic Turkey: outcry over a new regulation forcing turkey farmers to keep their birds in confinement
How Sweet It Is: Cargill wins at every turn with natural and artificial sweeteners
Roundup Time: Chinese herbicides are cutting into Monsanto's profits
Love the Language!: Monsanto describes Monsanto
A peoples' victory over Monsanto: South Africa: an environmental group does not have to pay court costs in suit against Monsanto
Labour-intensive farming boosts development: conclusions of an"Agribusiness Forum" in South Africa
Outside the Box: Venezuelan President Chavez disrespects Tetra Pak's patents
On the menu: Brazilian Amazon forest beef or Canadian grain-fed
(feed-lot) beef: not much of a choice, is it?
Uncivilized Behaviour from Dow: Dow is pushing 2,4D in Brazil -- a compound which is was part of the infamous 'Agent Orange'
GMO Corn & Soy: Negligible Yield Increases: a new independent study shows that genetic engineering doesn't really increase yields

#264: May 2009 TOC pdf 
Silencing Spring: Canadian government has taken 25 years to act against a toxic chemical
Serious Seeds: Patrick Steiner writes about the increase in independent seed business
Don't blame the pigs!: Cathy Holtslander explains how factory farming is the clear cause of diseases such as swine flu
Dying Hog Industry Asks for a Billion: Paul Beingessner describes the decline in pig farming after decades of financial disaster
Billionaires' greed: CEOs continue to rip off immense compensations
Kerala labourers return from Dubai: the loss of migrant jobs threatens poor communities
Full Cost-Accounting: Corn-based ethanol uses 50 gallons of water per mile driven
Meat Packers Update: Competition Bureau has no trouble with only two corporations in meat packing
Germany Bans Cultivation of Monsanto GM Maize: courts take the precautionary approach
Imposing a Business Model: AGRA is described as a way to build agri-business in Africa, not sustainable food production
Fumigating Argentina: the use of glyphosate on GE soy is creating a health catastrophe in the rural sector
"Transgenic treadmill": Glyphosate resistant johnsongrass is forcing more dependence on agri-technology
Brazil's Coffee Crop Threatened: climate change on top of the economic crisis will reduce Brazil's agriculture capacity

#263: March/April 2009 TOC pdf 
Signs of spring: and hope in the resurgence of interest and action to create a sustainable local food system
Promises and Propaganda: EuropaBio says biotech promises to solve water problems
- Following the footsteps of tobacco: looking at the biotech propaganda strategies
- The complete propaganda machine: Monsanto enters the blogosphere (to control the messaging, of course)
- Monsanto funds scholarships and a journalism training course
- University of Regina associate dean shills for biotech
- Ingo Potrykus continues to seek Vatican blessing for biotech Growing
Resistance: A message from Kenya in support of the resilience of local varieties
- Mexico City to protect historic maize varieties
- Brazil Soy State loses taste for GMO seed
- Non-GE soy demand growing North and South
Sweet Treats:
- Industrial Gelato
- Industrial Ice Cream
Farmworkers: a story from tomato central, Immokalee Floride
"Changing the Vocation of the Land": Venezuela's Chavez moves to protect environment

#262: February 2009 TOC pdf 
Three Blind Mice:: Sarah Martin explores the three giants in the institutional foodservice business
Cheese [made from milk] Please: The Big Three cheesemakers object to a ruling that cheese must be made mostly out of real milk
    New CWB executive changes tack: government-appointed CEO now admits that the CWB plays an important role for farmers
    Profits - but not for the farmers: Viterra posts a record profit as a private corporation
    And more agrifuels subsidies
DNA Testing for Adulteration: UK researchers can now identify pure Basmati rice
Not a Straight Line: UK author says development is complex
Sohpisticated Science: Kenyan organization researches pest and vector management for pest control
Plant breeding in China: Scientists use non-invasive genetic technologies
The Taro Story (cont.): Hawaiian legislators are trying to protect the crop which is sacred to Native Hawaiians
Crop destruction in Gaza: Economic and military siege of Gaza has contaminated and destroyed land and water sources
Cooking the GMO Books: Friends of the Earth unmask the industry front group, ISAAA
A More Reliable Source: IFOAM reports an increase in organic food production
rBGH failing: New England dairy industry rejects the growth hormone

#261: January 2009 TOC pdf 
Growth, Energy and Food: Brewster reflects on distancing in energy policy
The Seed Policy Project: a new initiative towards seed sovereignty in Canada
GMO-free Ice Cream: an opportunity for an Irish dairy
Guns and Peanut butter: a BMJ article on misguided food policy regarding allergens
Global sourcing: shipping by sea is cheaper than overland, even if it means importing from overseas
GMO-free food and feed: Japanese seek non-GMO seeds, while the Western Canadian Wheat Growers tout GMOs
Seaweed shortage: due to over-exploitation or climate change?
Financial Crisis: Monsanto loses in recession
Cargill goes public, sweetly: the company is advertising its new sweetener to the public
Stevia gets USFDA go-ahead: stevia extract is classified as 95% purity
The ABCD of Global Agriculture: ADM, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus in China
Need to Stretch: laying hens in cages
GM crops only a fraction of primary global crop production: despite claims by Monsanto et. al. GM crops are not widely popular