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About the Ram's Horn

Brewster and Cathleen began publishing the Ram's Horn in 1980, while they were raising sheep in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Initially aimed at other sheep farmers, the newsletter now has readers across Canada and around the world who are looking for analysis of developments in the world of agriculture and food that is not available elsewhere. To read the story of how we got started, click here

Who We Are

Brewster picBrewster Kneen researches and writes most of the material in the Ram's Horn. He is also the author of a number of books. He is currently preoccupied with the processes of privatization and militarization, which led to his most recent book, The Tyranny of Rights, and the creation of the Forum on Privatization and the Public Domain. His new book on his life, theology, and the political context he has lived, Journey of an Unrepentant Socialist, was published in November, 2014.

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cathleen picCathleen Kneen is responsible for the layout, design, editing, and the drawings that appear in the Ram's Horn. She also writes sometimes. She is a leader in the Canadian movement for justice and sustainability in the food movement, and was a progenitor of the People's Food Policy Project, bringing the concepts of food sovereignty into the Canadian discussion of food policy. She served as the Chair of Food Secure Canada from 2006-2011, and has recently stepped down as chair of Just Food Ottawa, though she maintains local enagement as chair of the Ottawa Food Policy Council.

 Cathleen's background


Brewster and Cathleen making a video presentation on the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement in Sapporo, Japan, on January 15 2012.





Brewster and Cathleen receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

On June 2, 2014, Brewster and Cathleen were honoured by the Canadian Association for Food Studies with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Below is the citation:

Brewster and Cathleen Kneen have had a tremendous impact on food organizing and scholarship in Canada, directly in their significant bodies of work and indirectly in the way they have inspired so many food activists and scholars.  They have a little bit of everything that we can associate with what makes Canada unique: immigrant roots, diversity, caring for community, love of nature and fine beer. They have “a lot of” one thing that distinguishes them from the most, however: it is their passion for social justice, a sustainable and just world, a healthy and safe food system.

B&C listening to the citationBrewster and Cathleen have been an inspiration to many of us in academia and civil society organizations with their admirable research contributions. The Ram’s Horn that has passed its 300th issue has been the effort of a two person publishing house. Since 1980, month after month, Ram’s Horn provided its readers with fine analysis, critical thinking and hard to find facts seeking ways to reach a just and sustainable food system. What is so striking about  the work of Kneens is their clear-eyed analysis that is grounded in foundational values that place the good of communities (people and place) always at the centre. This perspective is complemented by their deep understanding of food systems at all scales, developed over years of farming , research, public speaking and community organizing across Canada and around the World.

Brewster and Cathleen will always have a special place in the history of food movement in Canada for their hard work in community organizing, commitment to local democracy, fighting for social justice and commitment to research for public good. Among many other leadership roles, Brewster was involved in the early days of the Toronto Food Policy Council and Cathleen led the BC Food Systems Network and later Food Secure Canada. Their determination and dedication have made a difference for us all.


About Our Family

Our son, Jamie Kneen, is the Communications Coordinator of MiningWatch Canada, which works to provide mining-affected communities in Canada and around the world with the support they need, and to make the mining industry accountable. He lives in Ottawa with his wife Soha Kneen and their son Theo.




Our daughter, Rebecca Kneen, in partnership with Brian MacIsaac, runs Crannog Ales, Canada's only Certified Organic on-farm microbrewery. The brewery is located at Left Fields in Sorrento, B.C., and their wonderful Irish-style ales are distributed only in B.C.