Issue 267: September 2009

 The Tyranny of Rights


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The Tyranny of Rights:
 introducing Brewster's new book
Roundup Kills -- weeds, and much more: new research shows that the so-called inert ingredients in Roundup are even more harmful than the glyphosate
    Publish and ... :Argentinian scientist is viciously attacked for exposing effects of glyphosate spray on people
    More and more: more soy, more glyphosate
    Carry On Regardless: Dow and Monsanto continue to get approval of their new GE crops
Smarter Than They Look: apparently lambs can self-medicate
"Mother Nature Is A Bad Person": according to persistent organic deniers Denis and Alex Avery
    Review of interesting work by The Nature Institute on the Goethean approach to science: much more respectful!
Spreading Triffid: 8 years ago we reported Alan McHughen's flamboyantly self-serving release of GE flax; now Canadian farmers stand to lose their most inportant markets
Cargill: information webs; bioplastics; attitude to organic and sustainable agriculture
Tapping into Bottled Water: more on Nestle's attempts to brand bottles as sustainable
Get Rich Quick: 35% return promised on investment in agricultural land.