This page contains expanded references and resources that are too large to include in the Ram's Horn. Entries will be on an occasional basis as information becomes available. If you have information you think may be of value to us and others, please contact us.

It also links to Brewster's CARGILL PROFILE:  news and information about Cargill, the world's largest private grain company (and so much more) and the subject of his books, Trading Up and Invisible Giant.


NEW: In his review of Susan George's latest book, Brewster writes:

"In Whose Crisis, Whose Future, George identifies the crisis as that of capitalism and its effects on all of us, including global warming and climate change, and their cause; our incredible dependency on fossil fuels. She offers a cogent argument for how to move toward a future for all of us, and not just transnational corporations and their high-flying executives, while her spirit, sly humour, and intellectual acuity make this book a delight to read in spite of her dire warnings and radical propositions."


LAND GRABS: The politics of global land grabs is examined in a paper issued in May 2010 by Saturnino M. Borras Jr. and Jennifer Franco. It provides a very thoughtful analysis of the wide variety of "land property relations", such as transfers, leasing, redistribution, expropriation, purchase, etc., that get lumped together under "land grabs". 

Click here to download the full paper, Towards a Broader View of the Politics of Global Land Grab: Rethinking Land Issues, Reframing Resistance.

HAITI:  A paper by Mervyn Claxton (Trinidad and Tobago) a consultant and former international civil servant with UNESCO who has written widely on the subject of Culture and Development, supporting the critique by the Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA) of the Haitian Government’s Emergency Food Production programme. PAPDA is correct, he says: the programme will worsen the very problems it is supposed to address.

Click here for the full paper, Emergency Food Production in Haiti: Getting It Right.