Food and the Culture of Biotechnology

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Without our knowledge, understanding, or consent, "life-science" conglomerates are genetically engineering food plants for corporate profit with little concern for our health or the effect on the environment.

This critical and timely book reveals what's really happening down on the farm: the genetically engineered products that are subtly being introduced into our supermarkets, healthfood stores, and home-gardening outlets. More alarming are the sinister "terminator" technology, and the profound risks inherent in releasing genetically engineered organisms into the environment.

Without presuming a scientific background of his readers, Kneen provides a multidisciplinary account of what biotechnolgy is and how it is affecting the world's food supply, where it came from, the direction it's heading, and how to resist it. Kneen persuasively argues that genetic engineering has been born from a western belief system in progress, industrialization, and technology. Enthusiasm for genetic engineering is not universal, he says, and it does not have to be accepted.

Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology

paperback, 232 pages, New Society publishers, 1999

Also in French: Les Aliments Trafiqués, 2000, Les Éditions Écosociété