Issue 277: The Food Movement: From reform to revolution?

The Food Movement: From reform to revolution?

#277, November 2010

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Table of Contents

The Food Movement: From reform to revolution? How Big Food   is trying to take over the food movement, and the core values which are being defended in the struggle
Biotech in Europe: Europeans remain suspicious of genetically engineered foods; The European Food Safety Authority toughens assessment procedures
South Africa's corn glut: Lots of GM corn but few buyers.
Won't - or can't - stand still: Roundup Ready creeping bentgrass creeps a long way; the widespread distribution of GM flax is "an unsolved mystery"
Truth in packaging: Polystyrene is possibly carcinogenic, so is plastic made from GM corn an improvement?
Japan eager for PEI's non-GMO canola
"The choosing experience": Companies improve profits by deleting product lines

HAITI: Security for What? We reflect on the obsession of the Harper government and others with 'security'
Canada's Aid to Haiti: Building jails, equipping police, and building homes (and an embassy) for its diplomate
Land: Two different stories: the potato industry eyes fragile land designated for conservation; 100 miles of shelter belts in Saskatchewan are cleared to increase 'productivity' of machinery operators
What Price Healthy Rivers? A report from Stephen Leahy on the effects of damming rivers

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