Issue 278: Thinking Like a Movement

Thinking Like a Movement

#278, January 2011

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  Table of Contents

Thinking Like a Movement:  Food Secure Canada's biennial Assembly demonstrates youthful energy as it begins with reistance to the global land grab for biomass and ends with a call to movement collaboration and solidarity
Miami Rice: Subsidized US rice undercuts attempts to help Haitian farmers
Biotech industry fails to capture Vatican: Despite lobbying, the Vatican is still not supporting GMOs
Bt Corn Breeds New Pest: A German report on the precise way in which GE crops support new pest outbreaks
Co-Esiztence?: USDA Secretary calls for an impossible "coexistence and cooperation" while recognising the scientific proof of GMO contamination of other crops; an Australian organic farm is decertified because of contamination 
Non-GMO preferred: Still a minority, non-GMO crops are increasing in popularity in Ohio
Organic Cotton: Demand, No Seeds: Farmers in India face a shortage of non-Bt cotton seed 

Sheep Choose Medications: A research report that sheep select plants to correct dietary imbalance illness 
Pakistan Flooded with Corporate Seeds: The seed/fertilizer package delivered as aid is part of a drive to transform Pakistan's agriculture to cash crop export (likely with GMO seeds for openers)
Dirty Green: The EU attempt to cut carbon emissions with biofuels omits the emissions from growing the biomass crops
Drought and the Defiant: Indian farmers in the Deccan Plateau, Andhra Pradesh use a variety of seeds and traditional practices to flourish despite fluctuations in rains.