Issue 279: Food Crisis or Agribusiness as Usual

Food Crisis or Agribusiness as Usual

#279, February 2011

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Table of Contents

Food Crisis or Agribusiness as Usual:  Brewster looks behind the headlines to identify the real forces causing hunger, including discussion of:
    * World Economic Forum - Plans unveiled at Davos to reconfigure Mozambique's agriculture as a model for corporate profit
    * Plenty of Food - Is shortage really the problem?
    * Speculation Inflated Food Price Bubble - Stephen Leahy reports
    * A Different "Food Crisis" Explanation - GRAIN explores the creation of a food crisis in Russia
With a Grain of Salt: Canada hands over regulation of salt content in food to a new committee composed largely of food manufacturers
Contamination & Coexistence:
    * Potato Is A Person, Not A Resource - Brewster discusses the destructive attitudes behind genetic engineering and the logical outcomes
    * Drug Safety: Side effects and mistakes or adverse reactions and deadly errors?
    Hoist with their own Petard:
    * US Approves Corn Modified for Ethanol - and the industry is worried that contamination will affect their manufacturing processes
    * "Unintended" effects - Centre for Food Safety documents contamination
    * "Food terrorism" - US expert warns Saskatchewan farmers, forgets to mention GE
    * "Struggling Food Processing Sector" - Nestle, Cargill etc. claim they need Federal financial support
New agricultural agreement: China in Argentina: GRAIN documents land grabs, in this case for industrial soy production