Issue 281

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Table of Contents

Thinking Like a [Political] Movement
Brewster reflects on the political movements since the 1950s and the need to focus on the Big Picture.
What's Wrong with this Picture?: The G&M Report on Business asks "How do we feed 7 billion people?"; we say that WE aren't the ones to do that.
Organic Forced Labour: Whole Foods Market is accused of selling produce from China grown by prisoners on polluted land.
Issues concerning the Future of the Canadian Wheat Board: Laura Rance in the Winnipeg Free Press outlines what will happen once the CWB has been destroyed and the effects on not just markets but also research and seed breeding.
... And Waiting in the Wings: Cargill, along with the other grain trading majors, are ready for the demise of the CWB
Who Commands the Economy?: The National Research Council puts market priorities first
How to read the newspaper: Two articles in the Globe & Mail point out the 'rising demand for potash fertilizer' and the increased ownership of Bill Gates in the Canadian National Railway (which moves potash among other things)

African Opposition to AGRA: Gates' big project in Africa, to impose a food system dependent on inputs including fertilizer and GMO seeds, is opposed in Tanzania.
Genome Not the Solution: Despite the hype, there is little evident for a genetic basis to disease

Agrotoxins Kill Farmers: An interview with the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU Law School, discussing the tide of farmer suicides in India resulting from the Green Revolution.
Centralized Seed: Monsanto increases its penetration in the seeds business.
Ignoring refuge requirement: only 70=80% of Illinois corn farmers say they will abide by the rule to grow 20% non-GMO along with their Bt seed.
Monsanto Melon 'Invention': No Patents on Seeds! denounces Monsanto's patent on openly bred melon variety;