Issue 282

Lead Article: 
It's the Economy, Stupid

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Table of Contents

It's the Economy, Stupid: Stephen Harper says The Economy is all-important and so as An Economist he is fit to rule the country. We point out the flaws in his arguments.
The Invisible Giant becomes visible: Cargill is committed to growth. We chronicle some of what that means - for the company and for the rest of us.
'Responsible' Soy':  Corporate strategy is denounced as "consumer deceit".
Peddling Poison: Canada stands alone in the world as it vetoes a ban on chrysotile asbestos (mined in Quebec).
Forget Food, We Need Biomass: A Canadian biotech promoter joins US Secretary of Agriculture in promoting farming for anything other than food.
Poisons not needed: Brazil's farm workers state they can produce just as much without agro-toxins.
'Push-Pull' Pest Control: An innovative strategy to deal with plant pests spreads.