Issue 283

Lead Article: 
Markets, Standards & Poorer

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Table of Contents

Markets, Standards & Poorer
"Volatility" in the Market is not happenstance and gains huge profits for some players.
What's really driving up foor prices:  Unlike the WTO, the FAO recognizes that crops for biofuel are playing a very large role
GM corn for fuel, not food: A new corn variety designed specifically for biofuel has farmers and food manufacturers worried
Beware simple history: Samuel Bowles raises questions about why the shift from hunting/ gathering to agriculture when it seems the first farmers were less healthy
New GRAIN website: Excellent resources for researchers and activists, including a new site with the best information on the global land grab
Biotech: As CBAN provides more information we can focus (a bit) on other aspects of the food system
Labelling GM: The USA has finally allowed acceptance of CODEX guidelines

Butterflies, not Lawns: Monarch butterflies are suffering because of GE crops which are sprayed with agrotoxins that kill milkweed, their major food
Side effects: A GM canola spill from a road train in Australia threatens the GE-Free status of local farmers

Commitment to Profit: From Starbucks to Potash Corp. the focus is the same
Killing the Wheat Board: As the Harper regime continues its ideologically-based agenda, the major grain corporations gleefully prepare for new opportunities
         S&P on the Warpath   

Bunge: CEO says government intervention causes problems in grain markets
Cargill: Plans to construct a new grain terminal in Alberta
* Transportation efficiency: reduce pollution and costs -- Cargill announces a new kite-powered cargo vessel
* Expanding, integrating, and recalling -- Cargill acquires Provimi, recalls 36 million pounds of ground turkey
* Reducing [specified] risk -- Cargill is building a facility to burn SRMs and use the heat to product power for its packing factory