Issue 284

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Table of Contents

Citizen, Subject, and Food Sovereignty: Brewster argues that to achieve food sovereignty we need to get a better grip on colonialism and the way in which citizens are being reduced to the status of subjects.
No government: no state?: Belgium has now been without a government for15 months.
All about grain (and GRAIN):  Announcing a new issue of "Against the Grain" connecting a different food system with effective action against climate change; also, announcing GRAIN has received the Right Livelihood Award for their work on land grabs.
Cargill Notes: A propos the recall of Cargill's turkey, some thoughts about the root causes of such contamination.
Canadian Wheat Board: Government regards farmers with contempt: Not really news, but more evidence of the refusal of the Harper government to pay attention to evidence
Fair Trade or Not: TIm Horton's and Glencore
PepsiCoolie: PepsiCo is promoting industrial agriculture in China.
A plus for ethanol, a minus for food: Food manufacturers are worried about contamination from Syngenta's new GE corn.
India's miracle cotton unravels: Bt cotton has swept the country, but yields are stagnant and new pests are emerging.
GMO "Success": India: New varieties cannot cope with unusual weather, leaving farmers with no crop  and huge debts
GMO "Success": USA: New pests plague Monsanto's Bt corn
DuPont: Deadly Landscaping: DuPont's weedkiller also kills trees
Feeding the Future: A different way of burial
US State Dept /biotech sales rep: In Gambia, US State Dept uses outright lies to bring farmers into the GE fold
Kenya law allows biotech crops: New legal framework announced
Local, Colourful (and non-GMO): promotion of Orange Sweet Potatoes in the Solomon Islands to counter an increasingly Western diet..