Issue 285

Lead Article: 
Trade and Sovereignty

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Table of Contents

Trade and Sovereignty: Examining the early trading companies' activities reveals that the rights of corporations were recognized prior to the recognition of nation states
Toronto Food Policy Council: The ground-breaking TFPC celebrates its 20th birthday
Speaking the Truth:  Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food discusses "the structural violence of a cannibalistic order" of multinational corporations and calls for the realization of a different model
Land Grab in Tanzania: A bad deal for Tanzania and a worse deal for the environment with the plans for transforming 1,250 square miles of land into large-scale, GMO-based production
R.I.P. Democracy: CWB: Is Harper indulging an idee fixe or setting up a distraction from his energy and climate change policies?
Raw Rights: The campaign for raw milk is soured by libertarian claims for the 'right' to consume whatever you please
Recycled Arguments:  Attacks on marketing boards use the same old (and wrong) arguments for more than 20 years
Turkeys and Marketing Boards: An farm reports on the difficulty of making a small farm work under the Ontario turkey marketing board rules.
GMO Canola Everywhere: New research shows GMO canola thriving across the US prairies; the CFIA says there is no risk
'Fumigating' Crops and Villages: The Network of Physicians of Fumigated Towns in Argentina denounced the serious effects of pesticide spraying and highlights it as an attack on population health.