Issue 286

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Table of Contents

Who Pays the Harper, Calls the Tune: We look more closely at the control the corporate sector exercises over governments, particularly with reference to trade agreements, and collaboration of NGOs in this regard
Greening McDonald's: World Wildlife Fund partners on 'sustainably managed' sources
Importing Low Wages:  Target stores prepare to move into Canada under their same old model
Revolving Door Revolves Again: Stephen Yarrow moves from CFIA to CropLife 
Haiti: An "Unnatural Disaster": The disaster built on decades of US free trade and food aid that undermined Haitian small scale, intensive agriculture - this needs to be reclaimed
Orange Juice Concentration: Coke and Pepsi together control nearly 2/3 of the market
"A Lack of Acceptance":  of GMOs in Europe affects canola, corn
In Their Own Words: Canadian Ag Minister Ritz insists that contamination is good for organics; Kraft is showcasing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint
Unsustainable: Notes on industrial agriculture, biodiesel
Or Sustainable: A new report shows how agroecologically efficient systems support food sovereignty
Resistance: Weeds like Johnsongrass popping up like new food movement initatives
Monsanto - Again: We really wish they would go away! but we have to keep reporting, as below:
False Advertising, India: Monsanto's claims on Bt cotton are proved false
Glyphosate - Resistance: A growing number of weeds are now resistant to glyphosate (Roundup)
and Persistence: Both glyphosate and its breakdown products are found in rain and rivers in the USA.