Issue 287

Lead Article: 
The Business of Organics
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Table of Contents

The Business of Organics: The Guelph Organic Conference reveals a focus on the management of organic businesses
Sober Reflections: Ted Zettel, one of the founders of Organic Meadow Co-op, talks about the challenges to keep the original vision while participating as a fairly major player in the larger food systemSanitizing Language: from GMOs to GIOs: We propose an alternative to the deceptively innocent "genetically modified organisms"
Monsanto: Beyond the Love to Hate: Not to exonerate Monsanto, but there are other bad actors we should pay attention to as well
Specious Arguments: A dose of genetic engineering propaganda from a Saskatchewan professor who ought to know better
Ethanol: a government baby: Even the George Morris Centre recognizes the reality of the massively subsidized ethanol industry
Cargill and Food Quality:  A top Cargill meat division executive muses on the lower quality of 'highly productive', growth-hormone treated beef, offers no solution
Greenwashing the beef industry: Cargill and World Wildlife Fund are among those at the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (as long as there are sustainable profits, that is)
Global Health Watch 3: An Alternative World Health Report:  Excerpts from a report on Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) and their misuse as a dietary supplement as opposed to emergency feeding
Peanuts in Haiti: As in Africa, the RUTF in Haiti comes from an alliance of NGO and drug company. Is it the same picture?