Issue 288


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Table of Contents

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The Economy as oil pipelineDragging people around by The Economy: The Economy is based on limitless energy -- rather like a pipeline though which an endless supply of oil and gas must flow, no matter what damage is caused.
Obesity and Ideology: A book review of Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism by Julie Guthman
Prairie Landscape: Viterra is broken up, leaving a trio of corporations controlling Canadian grain trade, and the CEO with a payout of more than $13 million
Normalizing GE: to the point where people are eating GE glow-in-the-dark sushi
Deteriorating biotech: The failure of hype in Britain: Only 27% of Britons agree that GM food should be encouraged
Bt Cotton in India: Hailed as a saviour, Bt cotton has been a disaster, as a variety of articles demonstrate, even in a market already confused by more than 700 varieties of see on offer
GE Corn in USA: Corn engineered to resist rootworm doesn't work, according to scientists; Monsanto recommends using more pesticides
Labelling, again: The Just Label It campaign forces the US Food and Drug Administration to consider their demands; the state of Connecticut takes the first steps toward labelling GMOs
Protecting Local Seeds:  Zimbabwe moves to ban genetically engineered seeds from the country
GE Pig Research Halted: The Canadian university developing a pig engineered to produce less phosphorus in its dung has (at least for now) has lost the funding for their work and halted their breeding program
Trade Trumps Politics: Despite all the fear and war-like rhetoric, trade between Israel and Iran carries on.