Issue 289

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Minding Our Ps and Qs

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Minding Our Ps and Qs:Which comes first, the straight line of The Economy or the circle of the food system?
Really BIG Beef: Cattle being drugged to gain more weight more quickly are producing tough and tasteless meat
It's Just a Tool, Honest: The 'yuck factor' kicks in as the public learns about the use of rendered product, a.k.a. pink slime, in hamburgers and other meat products
Back on the Technology Treadmill: Old crop chemicals, abandoned because of their risks, are coming back to try to deal with multiple pesticide resistance caused by GE crops
The Real Cost of Biotech: Australian farmers get less for GE canola, more for GE-free; by-products of GE canola have no market
Energy Sources and Uses: Canola: The market for canola for biodiesel is robust -- as long as there are subsidies
The Economy as oil pipelineA Stark Choice: USA authorities ponder Dow's request for approval of new varieties resistant to 2,4,D
Breeding non-GE Cotton: Farmers are turning away from GE cotton while a new research program is exploring non-GE options
Karnataka Farmer Goes Organic: One Indian farmer has successfully transitioned to organic cotton farming and now has 23 varieties under production 
"Luxury is Sustainability": The glitz and glamour of consuming for charity
Nestlé gets even bigger: The purchase of Pfizer's "infant nutrition" branch puts Nestlé ahead in the Chinese market
Monsanto's GMOs unpopular: Monsanto has given up on getting its latest offering approved in France
For the Record: Monsanto's statement about Agent Orange; CEO Hugh Grant touts the company's "penetration" into Latin America
Hungary Destroys Tainted Crops: Thousands of hectares of corn contaminated with Monsanto and Pioneer GE traits is destroyed.