Issue 290

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Table of Contents

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Visible State, Invisible Government: The role and power of the G20, and behind that, the B20
Harper courts the TPPNAFTA on Steroids: The Trans-Pacific Partnership takes foreign control of procurement down to the municipal level
Corporate Perspective: Cargill says the TPP will enhance economic opportunity and, of course, increase food security
Private Solutions: Only the private sector can get measurable results, so just turn it all over to them, OK?
Brazil: Royalties on Soy: Court challenges to Monsanto's royalties on all crops with Roundup Ready traits have some success
Coup in Paraguay: about seeds and profits: Behind the news is corporate strategy to maintain their profit flow from transgenic soy
 Food Secure Canada Assembly: The theme is Powering Up! Food for the Future, and proposals are still being accepted for FSC's November conference in Edmonton
G8 still going strong: While the G20 gets the publicity, the G8 continues to work to control Africa's agriculture
India's Adoption of Bt Cotton: A Sign of Success or Failure: Indian sources see the spread of Bt cotton as an indicator of the failure of chemical agriculture; others point to the spread of bollworm infestation to food crops as a result
Weed Resistance: Worldwide, weeds resist the control measures of farmer "police"
Grain Trade Update: With a recent purchase, Japan's Marubeni becomes a match for Cargill
Africa: Reading the Script: The President of Malawi parrots the corporate line on GM in his State of the Nation speech
Into the World Food Chain: Cargill spokesman comments frankly about plans to chain Africa to the global food system.