Issue 291

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Spikes and Speculation

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Spikes and Speculation: The real reasons behind the rise in food prices after the extreme weather of the past few months, and some details of the effects and commentary /analysis:
Speculator drives food price spike    High grain prices hit pig exports
    Poultry producers in trouble
    A Threat To (or From?) the Poor
Bank Stops Food Speculation: Germany's Commerzbank says speculation in food prices is immoral
Get Out of Jail Free: PM Harper usurps a Royal prerogative to pardon the prairie farmers who broke the law in exporting their grain
Who will feed China?: A list of the substantial Chinese investments in food production around the world
The Wonderful Baobab: A little-known wonder tree of Africa
On the Outside: The Federal government has no time to listen to the Federation of Agriculture
Genetically Modified Tires: Fed up with flat tires on their equipment from GM corn stalks, farmers turn to DuPont, makers of both Kevlar and GM corn
Fungi to the Rescue: Miraculous results in plant growth and productivity from treatment with fungi - preferably in a community
Editorial: The Ram's Horn is turning to the larger issues within which the food system operates (in case you hadn't noticed)