Issue 292

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Table of Contents

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The Name is Coli. E Coli.Reductionism in the Slaughter-House: An analysis of the background, context, and different approach to the highly centralized system of beef production and slaughter in Canada and the recent crisis of e. coli contamination in foods from XL meat packers in Brooks, Alberta:
   Food inspection by press release (‘alerts’)
   Built-In Conflict of Interest
   Control Over Livestock Prices
   Who Are the Owners?
   You didn’t think we could get through this without discussing Cargill, did you?  
   About the Labour Force
   A Rancher’s Perspective
   Breaking News:
   The Saga Continues
Double Standard – Séralini and Monsanto: Ground-breaking research from respected scientists prove   harm to lab rats from consuming both RoundUp and glyphosate-resistant crops; Monsanto fights back dirty
Northumberlamb: A successful co-op based on principles of respect, integrity and trust -- 30 years later
Food Price Spike Loses Edge: FAO changes its mind, there is not such a crisis after all
Cargill Prescription: We look at the language used by a top official
Perils of GE: Wind Blown Canola: High winds spread windrows of GMO canola all over neighbouring fields, contaminating the whole countryside
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"The Name is Coli. E Coli."