Issue 293

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Running Scared: Both the Harper regime and the biotech industry are working overtime to ensure that the public cannot find out what they are up to in time to stop them - the huge amounts of money spent to avoid GMO labelling, and the continuing vicious attack on Seralini are cases in point

GMO regulation in Africa

On Investment: The OECD insists that it is private investment (eg. land grabs) is the key to development

Legalizing Corporate Colonialism: Gates Foundation supports the agenda of Monsanto, Syngenta, et. al., to gain control of African agriculture through the colonizing agency of engineered and patented seed, synthetic fertilizer, and the legal framework of regulation
Take Your Pills: Fertilizer parallels dietary supplements in pill form instead of a balanced diet
Market development: Potash corp partners with Free the Children, Cargill partners with the Aga Khan Foundation
Rootworms closing in on Monsanto-Syngenta: As predicted, pest resistance is spreading - to be countered with a new pesticide, of course
Product Development: New research on rice is trying to genetically engineer 'efficiency' through the photosynthetic pathway
Defending Maize in Mexico: A very strong and clear statement from a coalition of organizations supporting maize diversity
True Believer: The President of Paraguay says that God supports transgenic crops - in church
Coming Home to Roost: New reports that destruction of the Wheat Board has removed the farmer voice. Who would have thought?