Issue 294

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Idle No More

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Idle No More: The Harper regime's removal of environmental protection of lands and waterways is just the latest blow to food security for Indigenous peoples and has sparked a growing movement, led by Indigenous women and youth, to force the Harper regime to respect Treaty rights
Protest Omnibus Bill C-45New Zealand: Maori Act to Protect the Environment: Maori cite GMOs as an affront to their culture, health, and wellbeing, as well as a violation of their treaties.
GMO Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Poland and other European countries have responded to the EU directive forcing them to allow sales of GMO seeds by passing new laws which forbid farmers to plant them.
Séralini-Glyphosate update: Legal action begins against the ill-founded attacks on Séralini's research showing definite harm from ingestion of Monsanto's glyphosate herbicide, RoundUp -- see RH #293
The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: The Nature Institute devastates the reductionist analysis on which genetic engineering is based
Corporate News & Updates:
     Renewable fuel lobby shifts focus (from ethanol to bio-diesel)
     Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (CropLife wants more public money for their research)
     Corporate Takeovers (ConAgra, Saputo, NY Stock Exchange)
     Monsanto Executive Compensation (nobody actually earns $14 million!)
Financialization of Food: Abstract of a very clear analysis by Professor Jennifer Clapp
Low-Level Contamination: Canada is putting a wedge in the door for GMOs by pushing for a policy allowing low-level presence of GMOs in imported grain
Wrecking Rural Communities: The Conference Board of Canada recommends a national food policy that will devastate the countryside
A Hotter World Is a Hungry World: A report by Stephen Leahy on the real effects of global warming.