Issue 295

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Milk, Marvellous Milk

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Milk, Marvellous Milk: Our holiday in Spain got us thinking about yoghurt, the dairy industry, and the promotion of infant formula by the ever-powerful food industry.
Nestlé buys Pfizer Nutrition: The announcement notes that 85% of their business is in "emerging markets", i.e. promotion of formula in poor countries.
Playing with your food:In the largest food transaction ever, H.J. Heinz has been bought out, with huge profits to the speculators .
Recalcitrant Triffid: Still reeling from the effects of GMO flax, the industry inexplicably welcomes a new herbicide-resistant variety.
Herbicide tolerance/resistance: Weed scientists observe multiples resistance to a 'rainbow of herbicides'
Monsanto profits increase: mostly because of seed sales in Latin America
Feeding the Dragon: "Global soya cultivation is synonymous with monocultured GM agriculture."
Biofuel Rundown:
     [Not] Food Security: U of Saskatchewan's new Institute pushing biofuels as an element of food security -- really.
     Dust Bowl, Again: US prairie is being converted to corn and soy, with predictable results 
The Food Policy Bandwagon: The food industry, in the form of the Conference Board of Canada, is trying hard to pre-empt the grassroots call for a national food security policy
Killer Heat Waves and Floods Linked to Climate Change: Journalist Stephen Leahy reports on new European scientific studies
Old Calories: Fred Kirschenmann tells farmers that we need to change our farming practices now while we still have some choice.