Issue #296

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Boundaries and Borders: Brewster reflects on a Vancouver gathering with Indigenous thinkers on land, and ponders the process of identifying territories with respect for the ecology and history of the area along with the need to continuously negotiate boundaries.
Fluid BoundariesOttawa abandoning swaths of prairie grassland: excerpts from an article by Trevor Herriot on the Federal government's decision to abandon responsibility for 9,300 square km. of prairie and open it to privatization.
GM Canola Label: Even the Canola Council recognizes that customers want labeling.
German Fields GMO-Free: No commercial GMO crops were grown in Germany in 2012 and 2013 will be the same, a result of consumer pressure.
Corporate Seed Destroys Food Sovereignty: A session at the World Social Forum on Peasant Seeds concludes that peasants must be autonomous in terms of seeds.
Drought Resistant Varieties: A drought tolerant maize is developed with conventional breeding.
Greece's Great Urban Exodus: Young people are fleeing to the homes their grandparents left, where they stand a chance of making a living.
Antibiotic Resistance: Ontario Medical Association advocates strong controls on the agricultural use of antibiotics, to protect their use in medicine. The industry is in denial.
Patenting the Public Domain: Nestlé claims ownership of fennel seed despite centuries of traditional medical use.
Monarch Butterflies Lose Grouns: Loss of a major food source as a result of RoundUp use is resulting in substantial reduction in numbers of the iconic butterflies.
Decoding Rhetoric: Some tips on how to make sense of the information flowing from the biotech industry and its partners and front groups.