Issue 297

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Democracy and the State: A reflection on the effects of corruption and the destruction of the democract institutions on food sovereignty in Canada.
Inequity: ActionAid report - how many executive salaries it would take to feed all the world's hungry
Cargill News: Long term strategic thinking to stay on top of the food chain.
The Monsanto File: To our dismay, we have to keep reporting on the shenanigans of the corporation everyone loves to hate: further expansion of GE crops in Europe, the drop in protein content of soy (a key GE crop) in Argentina, stray GE seeds found in Oregon and Kansas which are hurting the US' export market, Monsanto wins court case against farmer in the US, Milking the "subsidy cow", Maine passes a 'reight-to-know act.
Even Worse Than We Thought: A new report in the journal Entropy reveals potential links between glyphosate and a range of health problems and diseases, including obesity and Alzheimer's.
Sobey's Buys Safeway: The predominant Maritime grocery chain pays $5.8 billion cash for the Western grocery chain.
Hawaii: Food and Sovereignty: Hawaiians protest the imposition of genetic engineering, stating that their indigenous culture sees it as sacreligious and linking food sovereignty with political sovereignty.
Neonicotinoid pesticides linked to bee death: cartoon