Issue 299

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Table of Contents

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the remnants of a farmThanksgiving: Grace composed by Rebecca Kneen
Food Sovereignty and Supply Management: The Harper government is bent on destroying the elements of food sovereignty that farmers and others have built over the years. We need to think differently.
High Price of Buying Votes: The food industry spends big to defeat an initiative which would force labeling of GE foods in Washington State.
Protests Halt Monsanto Project: Protests have stopped Monsanto building a plant in Argentina; A Mexican judge orders a halt to planting GE crops.
No GM pubses, thank you:The head of one of the worlds largest traders in pulses opposes GM
Roundup Remains: A new study shows alarmingly high residues of glyphosate in crops harvested in Argentina
Drugs for Production Animals: Animal pharmaceuticals are a big money-maker.
More Agribusiness Consolidation: Agrium and Viterra this time.
Cargill Updates: A new oil crushing plant in Russia, and a new CEO focused on financialization.
Agropoly: An interesting and important new resource on just how the food system is organized and controlled.
New Immigrants /Investors: Export plans for Chinese farmers in Manitoba.
Was Colonialism Ever More Cynical?: Analysis of the "The New Alliance for Food and Nutrition Security" and other corporate-government initiatives to take over African agriculture.
Who Will Feed Us?: ETC Group's new publication on the Industrial Food Chain versus the Peasant Food Web.