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Corporate and Conservative keds on shorn sheepParasites: As sheep farmers, we learned to manage parasites. But what about the parasites on the body politic?
Reactions Regarding Seeds: Proposed changes to the seeds and Plant Breeders Rights law will be devastating for agriculture
Weeds: Resistance to herbicides continues to expand and multiply
Approving Contamination: Canada leads in efforts to permit "low-level presence" of GM in crops exported to Europe
The treadmill continues: New GM variety of "hairy Canola" developed; Monsanto trying to get approval of older and more powerful herbicide-resistant crops
Fertilizer Fibs: Soil tests have drastically overestimated need for phosphate
It's the Bees' Knees: Bee pollination improves quality as well as quantity
Ketchup: Heinz is taken over by US hedge funds and closes plant in Leamington after 104 years in business
Protection Racket: for pesticide companies, that is
Spin the Revolving Door: CropLife Canada gets a senior CFIA bureaucrat and an MP to enhance its lobbying
Hawaii Update: GM is banned at the county level on several of Hawaii's islands
Food Security Technologies: The language of food security is co-opted by biotech, nanotech, fertilizer and agro-toxin corporations
Surprise! Bison Don't Fatten: Research shows bison want grass, don't get fat on grain like cattle do.