Issue 301

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The Cancer of Growth

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excessive burden of growthThe Cancer of Growth: There is an unshakeable ideological commitment to growth at all costs. We have to grow the economy, even if it kills us.
Emerging Markets: The language reflects the ideology of Progress: there is only one direction to go.
Agri-Business Polikcy: Bill C-18 will destroy Canada's independent seed breeding research and indeed our ability to grow crops suited to our particular conditions. The National Farmers Union has an excellent backgrounder on why thys is critical for all Canadians
Canola Council of Canada - One Big Happy Growing Family: Decreasing rotations of canola with other crops will backfire
Beware the drug salesman: The new president of CropLife Canada sees Roundup as "sustainable"
Investment in Agriculture: Exhibit A: "Input Capital"; Exhibit B: Cathleen is sceptical of the Responsible Agriculture Investment Principles
Local Technology: icipe "push-pull" methodology has huge benefits for Kenyan farmer
Monsanto - Just A Helping Hand: Monsanto thinks using more powerful herbicides to kill volunteer Roundup Ready corn in Brazil is just fine
Letter from a Friend: A holiday in Spain leads to a shocking discovery of the extent of greenhouses along the Mediterranean coast.